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Office & Rectory

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Sacred Heart Church, as the historical center of our parish and community is beginning to undergo a restoration.  Through the gracious contributions of some of our parishioners we have been able to begin the work to make this a church truly dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus!

There is still MUCH more to do.  Find the project that's right for you to get involved in!


Thanks to the generous contribution of the Sacred Heart Altar Society and the hard work and dedication of Thomas Flooring we are moving ahead with plans to replace the carpet in Sacred Heart.

The new flooring will feature a deep, heathered red carpet throughout the church with a large, custom made, medallion in the sanctuary.  This carpet will not only create a regal atmosphere but will provide longevity due to the robust quality of the carpet selected.

See the slider to the left for a "before and after" photograph of the church.  Please note that the "after" is a mock up and not the completed project.

The design of the medallion for the sanctuary draws its colors from the iconography of the Sacred Heart.  The center is red for the Heart of Jesus with orange flames radiating outwards.  The gray and brown boarders represent the thorns that wrap the heart.  The entire design is surrounded by gold for the gilded crown of Christ the King.


Our parish is so very blessed to have the parishioners we do!  After many months of back and forth with restoration companies in Southern California, it seemed as though this project would never get off of the ground.  Between the budget and schedule it looked more and more like the restoration of our pews would have to wait until well into 2021.

Enter Dan and Janet Blum!

The Blums approached us about taking on this project themselves!  Beginning in November, they have begun the monumental task of refinishing all of the pews of Sacred Heart.  To avoid major disruptions to the celebration of mass, they have been taking a few at a time.  We anticipate that this project will be completed in the first quarter of 2021.

With a project of this size, help would be greatly appreciated.  Dan and Janet would be greatly interested in assistance




Stained Glass

The stained glass in Sacred Heart dates back to the founding of the church.  It is a shining example of the artistry and craftsmanship possible in the medium.

After over a century in the church, our windows need maintenance.  There are windows with major structural needs (bowing or missing support pieces) and pitting or missing paint on all of them.  We have begun working with Worship Interiors Group to put together a pricing and timeline proposal for the restoration and perseverance of these treasured works of art.


We are assuming a cost of at least $100,000 to complete the entire project.  We are currently working with Worship Interiors Group to evaluate the windows that are in jeopardy as a primary project and price separately.


Currently we do not have the budget to embark upon a project of this size but we know that it is of the highest importance to maintain the rich tradition and beauty of Sacred Heart.


We would love to gauge interest in moving this forward.  If there are enough parishioners who believe in the efforts of this restoration we will move forward.


Please let us know your interest in contributing to the restoration!

Stained Glass
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Adoration Chapel

In order to foster a community of faith in our parish, we have begun the planning and initial work to create an adoration chapel in the tower at St.Benedict's.  The chapel, when complete, will be accessible to parishioners day and night, every day of the week.

The first stage of this project is underway thanks to Richard of Baytech Solutions for the donation of an electric key system for the chapel door and to Bob at American Electric for the assistance with wiring.