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Welcome to the

Latin Mass

at Sacred Heart

Catholic Church

Sunday, July 2  - 10:00 am - Missa Cantata

Sunday, July 9  - 3:00 pm - Low Mass 

Sunday, July 16  - 10:00 am - Missa Cantata

Sunday, July 23 - 3:00 pm - Low Mass

Sunday, July 30  - 10:00 am - Missa Cantata


On Sundays and Holy Days we have the privilege of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in what is known as the Traditional Latin or Tridentine form. 


The Mass is normally a High or “sung” Mass with the schola singing the Ordinary and the Propers. The readings from the Epistle and Gospel are read also in English, and the sermon is in English.


Other differences you may observe: All kneel (unless a physical handicap prevents them from doing so) and receive Holy Communion on the tongue. Only the sacred Host is given at Communion.


Mantillas are available at the rear of the church for those wishing to pray the Mass this way, as are missals translating the Latin into English or Spanish. We hope that you will feel, in a way that may surprise you, that you are “at home” in what was the Mass of most of our ancestors.  


Mass Times

We have Mass every Sunday although schedules vary. We have coffee and snacks after each 10 AM Sunday Mass unless otherwise posted. Please come by and say hello, there is always plenty to share.  



Sacred Heart Catholic Church, on the corner of Fifth & College Sts., Hollister, CA 95023


Altar Servers


All men and boys who have received First Communion are encouraged to learn how to serve at the altar.



You do not need to be a professional, or even musically trained.  Just a voice, a willingness to learn, and a desire to worship is needed.  Practice is held an hour before Mass.


Daily Online Latin Mass Missal


For the daily online Latin Mass Missal provided by Divinum Officium, please go to Today’s Mass Readings.


The Traditional Latin Mass on the Road

If you are traveling, click here for some locations where you can attend approved Traditional Latin Mass sites.


Latin Mass Missals

Sacred Heart Latin Mass provides missals for Mass in the back of the church, but if you would like your own 1962 Roman Catholic Daily Missal, they can be purchased online for both English and Spanish.

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